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Our Impressions of Molineux

Wolves can be described as one of the true sleeping giants of the football world, and ever since the redevelopment of Molineux in 1994, this has only escalated.

The new Molineux is a sight to behold, and is notable for the fantastically bright and colourful stand. The four separate stands are named after legendary Wolves players and directors (Bill Wright, Steve Bull Stand, Stan Cullis, Jack Harris), and has also been built is such a way, that the ground can be easily extended/improved should Wolves ever get promoted to the Premiership. Within two of the corners, between the stands, are housed two large video screens, which provide highlight of the ground, half times, final scores etc.

Away fans are normally located in either the Jack Harris stand (smaller crowds) or the lower half of the John Ireland, depending on the number attending. Away fans located in the John Ireland stand, can get rather a hard time, as they are located in the lower tier, with Wolves fans above. This caused problems in the early days, with various things being thrown over the balcony onto the away fans. The stewards have clamped down on this. That said, Yatesy has dropped us an e-mail, and says 'The problem of the lower John Ireland stand is not sorted as crystal palace and Albion fans will no doubt testify, and it's not just tea they throw, try urine'.
For those arriving early, the club also provides tours of the ground. The status of Wolves legend Billy Wright is also worth a look, and is located near the main entrance to the club offices.

Alcohol can now be purchased within the ground, but as with most grounds, is not permitted on the terraces.
On the various occasions we have visited Molineux, we have not encountered any crowd trouble. That said, the atmosphere at Molineux can be very intimidating for away fans, especially if your team wins!

Ciaran, a Molineux regular has dropped us an e-mail and says 'There are lots of take away food stands around the stadium perimeter (and some of these very good). Considerably more choice outside than inside.'

Directions to Molineux

By Road

Exit the M6 at junction 10A, follow the M54 to junction 2 and then take the A449 Stafford Road to Wolverhampton. From the A449 this ground is signposted as 'Molineux Centre', but beware as there are speed cameras. As you approach the City Centre, you will come to an island (Halfords on your left), take the 3rd exit into Waterloo Road. Wolvehampton Wanderers Football Club is approximately half a mile along on the left hand side signposted 'Molineux Centre'.

By Bus

Although the stadium is only 300yds away, the 503 and 504 from stand R stop at the ground.

Local Area around Molineux

Car Parking

Car parking is best described as limited, but if you're early enough you'll be able to get a space within walking distance. There is a car park outside the ground, but this fills up really quickly, is difficult to exit, and is rather expensive (...apart from that it's fine!).
Beware if you are thinking of parking in the Asda car park, as the CCTV cameras are trained to look for supporters, and on your return you will find that your car has been clamped! They are really hot on this, and the security man on the gate seems to get a real kick out of clamping footie fans :-(
There's a large car park on Darlington Street, just off the ring road and there are a couple of smaller ones dotted around the ring road. There is also a large car park in the Civic Centre, but again this is rather a pain to exit, and is very popular with home fans. A member of the FanZone team actually used the Civic Centre car park, and doesn't recommend it, due the problems exiting after the game. He also thought that ?7.50 per car per match was a bit steep!

Ciaran, a Molineux regular has dropped us an e-mail and says 'There is lots of spaces round West Park for those away fans arriving early. Also Swimming Bath car-park available on match days when there are no swimming galas. Both these can be found just off Waterloo Road in the residential areas. Street parking allowed in specific areas, watch out for parking tickets if you chance it and park illegally. ASDA car park is a definite no-no!'

Julian has e-mailed us, and says 'There is a handy car park between two dual carriageways on the ring road (unfortunately can't remember the name). Its near the market and not far from Beatties department store. They have afternoon special rates of ?1.50 per car, and is much better than paying ?5+ on any of the other car parks I have seen in the close vicinity.'

Dave has e-mailed us, and says 'A matchday controlled parking zone has been introduced for the new season covering most of the streets between West Park and Molineux i.e. all streets in near vicinity of the stadium. It will be resident only parking (they have permits) and offenders will get fixed penalty fines. There are some recommended car parks a short walk from the stadium or in the town centre but very limited spaces especially as most match days are Saturdays! It may well be a nightmare if you don't know where you are going!'

Pubs Near Molineux

The Litten

Located in the City centre, this is a nice large pub. There is sky sports on a large screen TV, for those prematch warm ups. The beer is good, with all the usuals, plus several home brew bargains. One the day we visited we drunk several pints of Litten Bitter, which was very good, and cost 79p a pink! There was also good food served all day, and we can recommend the Cajun chicken.

The Goal Post

This pub is located on the junction of Waterloo Road and Staveley Road, and is very close to the ground. Usually crowded with home fans.

The Feathers

Located on Molineux Street, at the back of the John Ireland stand. Again this pub is very close to the ground, and is usually crowded with Wolves Fans.

The Wanderer

Located right outside the away supports end, near the entrance to the subway that leads to the City centre. We did not go into this pub, as it was really crowded, and the bouncers were letting one out, and one in. This pub is best avoided by away fans, as it was packed with home fans, who didn't appear to friendly.

The Terrace Bar

This pub is located at the ground within the Stan Cullis stand. This is a no no for away fans, as it's limited to season ticket holders and members only.

The Great Western

This pub is located close to the train station, and serves great real ales. Worth a look, but if there is a large group, wearing colour, you may be turned away.

The Dogbolter

Steer clear of this one, it's where all the trouble seems to be! Ciaran, a Molineux regular has dropped us an e-mail and says 'For away fans in large groups and wearing colours - limited (if any) choice of watering holes. For small groups, families, those without colours plenty of places in the City Centre to choose from - Casa (next to the Art Gallery - also serves good, although expensive, choice of food), Yates' Wine Bar (further down the same street), The Varsity (popular with home fans, very crowded but good, friendly atmosphere). All within five minutes of the ground.'

Your Say

Yatesy has dropped us an e-mail, and says 'I am a wolves writing to give you updated information about the molineux and surrounding area. For away fans i would recommend yates's and o'neils, although as a rule of thumb, colours are a no no. Grapevine, again no no, a wolves fan got killed in their about a year back. For less hassle get in the ground early. ?2.30 a pint ( lager, bitters cheaper), ?1.75 a pie.' Claire has also e-mailed us, and say 'The Wanderer is not a tatty pub, it's quite smart inside, but it is definitely not for away fans. The Prince Albert and Rothwells are two pubs that are also definitely not for away fans. Away fans are advised not to wear colours and they will get in most places. The Royal London - opposite Yates's appears particularly friendly towards away fans.'

Fast Food Near Molineux

Fish & Chips (Staveley Road)

Jeff has emailed us to say 'The best fish and chips close to the ground is in Staveley Road - there is nearly always a queue - which is a good recommendation. Their special meal deals are particularly good value.'

Near The Ground

Claire has e-mailed us, and say 'Inside the ground the food on offer is mostly pies and pasties (the chicken balti pie being particularly popular-but there is a vegetarian option-Cheese and onion pastie. There is also a good Mr Sizzle burger van just outside The Wanderer which sells veggie burgers.

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