About FanZone

Below are some of the questions I constantly get asked about FanZone.

What made you create FanZone?

I started FanZone in August 1998. At the time I was travelling to various football grounds to watch Norwich City and Wroxham. I was also employed as a Web Developer and was looking to create a website to demonstrate my skills, and act as a reference on my CV. As a result FanZone was created.

Who provides the reviews & information?

Initially FanZone contained reviews for English football grounds and Scottish football grounds only, and soon became very popular. It soon became apparent from the e-mails we recieved, that just providing football stadium details was only offering a service to a small percentage of sports fans. Therefore, we soon expanded our index to include most of UK's major spectator sports, and we are currently considering expanding again to include Motor Sports details.

Why have to recently re-written the website?

This latest version of FanZone has given us the opportunity to update the web technologies we use (see below), and also provide a good foundation on which to expand the website.

What are your plans for FanZone?

FanZone has been evolving ever since it's creation in 1998. We have a number of ideas for additional functionality which we intend to incorporate in the coming months. At the same time we realise that we need to get the basics right, and this means getting the information on this site correct. For this we need your assistance, so please continue to contact us with information about your club or a ground you have visited, even if it's only to tell us that a pub has changed name or closed (sadly more likely).

The geek stuff

The new version of FanZone is the second major re-write since 1998, and includes a technology change from Lotus Domino to the following Microsoft Technologies...

FanZone also complies with the following web standards...

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